Will this work

I read a report on the new integrated science scheme of work that has been approved by the government to be introduced to junior secondary schools in Lagos, Cross River, Benue states etc. The scheme demands that junior secondary schools students study techniques of kissing, masturbation, caressing, withdrawal, ejaculation, erection, taking drugs to avoid pregnancy in school, sterilization, infertility etc, in the name of sex education in integrated science. It is aimed at encouraging children to explore their sexuality. This curriculum is modeled after guidelines for comprehensive sexuality education in Nigeria by Action Health Incorporated which it borrowed from American sexual health institution. This is not the first time we are copying such schemes from Americans and Europeans in the name of advancement, but this case is alarming because as it is, the government is setting up a landslide for a whole generation. This scheme is fashioned to copy the western obnoxious school of thought aimed at getting young girls on pills, abortifacients, getting them to wear intra uterine devices (IUD) and boys to wear condoms. Why should any right thinking person want to expose kids aged 9-15 years to such immorality? When we are yet to come to grips with the high rate of immorality among our youths and adults, we are setting the kids on a worse path. A complete collapse of public morality is what we’ll harvest when we sow sexuality education without moral values. How can we imbibe a culture that teaches that chastity is unnecessary, regressive and impossibility and if sex makes you feel good do it. Sex before marriage is okay, “safe sex” is what to aim at because you have the right to choose to be sexually active, just be “responsible” and do not get pregnant, use condoms. What if you get pregnant? You can kill the baby, but if you contact HIV/AIDS, you must have been careless. Sexuality education is not bad in its totality but the model presented by Action Health Incorporated and others like it is outright ridiculous and its flaws must be pointed out. It fails to emphasis the social and psychological aspects of sex. Children should be made to know that the nature of sex is not primarily physical but emotional and spiritual. In sex we take down our most private veils, when these very sensitive veils are removed outside of marriage it tends to result in severe emotional scaring. Also this sexuality education scheme does not address the aspects of love, intimacy and commitment. It show cases sex as a “chop clean mouth” situation , value free and with no strings attached thereby making human sexuality seem very cheap and worthless. It must be brought to bear on the consciousness of the young generation that premarital sex erodes the dignity of a person. It should be noted that sex education without values doesn’t and can never promote the ideal that personal happiness, love; intimacy and happy family life are most likely to occur within the confines of a faithful marriage. Most of what we are being made to believe and practice only make family commitment seem unwholesome and Cardinal Arinze rightly stated that “the family is under siege, opposed by an anti-life mentality as seen in contraception, infanticide, abortion and euthanasia. It is scorned and banalized by pornography, desecrated by fornication and adultery, mocked by homosexuality, sabotaged by irregular unions and cut in two by divorce. When people and organizations go about teaching kids about contraception; they never mention the contra indications. For example none of the condom promos say that condoms are only about 65% to 75% effective in preventing pregnancy and the HIV virus is 500 times smaller than sperm cells. So can condoms prevent AIDS? They will never tell them that contraceptive pills are capable of causing hormonal imbalance and also cancer. To round off let us be reminded that the children are the leaders of tomorrow and this form of sexuality education being recommended by Action Health Incorporated is equivalent to wearing a bullet proof vest into a mine field.


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