wats beef

The rap game in Nigeria is heating up. For the first time in Nigeria’s rap history we have 5 real rappers in the mainstream. Gone are the days when wanna bes stole the show and fakers ran court.
Before ruggedman’s “Ehen pt 1” coup most tight rappers remained underground, there was an erroneous thought that rap was an American thing. Those who showed up were a bib joke, they took advantage of the ignorance of the popular media and force feed us whack stuff. I laugh when Eedris says he pioneered hip-hop in Nigeria. Rap and Hip-hop has always thrived, the problem was that the media then was straight – jacketed. Many cities like Kaduna, Kano, Jos, Calabar etc had an awesome amount of underground rappers doing their thing actively before the remedies emerged… Thanks to the media boom in Lagos.

Menthol x back in da dayz
Before Eedris and he remedies, there were the Black masqueraders. Ruff ,Rugged and raw, Def O Clan, Swatroot, KD world, Menthol X, Fada Kane, UDX etc who were doing some very tight stuffs. I remember I had my first Nigerian Rap mixtape way back in 1996. But thanks to Kenny and D one who controlled the pioneer private TV and radio stations the remedies blew. Those who knew better remained mum like one of my parents. Even when black face and ruff rugged and raw spat some tight bars on Tony Tetuila’s “Omode meta”, no one gave them props, rather Eedris’ reply on wakawekee MCs was given all the hype. That was the beginning of mainstream rap duels. If Ruff, Rugged and Raw had hit back with a track of theirs, they would have blown, they retreated, and so did their career.

‘Why u too dey rap like mumu’ ehen was ruggedman’s breaktru!

Enter Ruggedman; ‘Ehen’ aimed deadly blows on mainstream heavy weights: Rasqui, Maintain and Eedris. Kenny and D one tried to fight back on behalf of their prize rapper, Eedris, but the rugged one put them to the sword with big bros. Vanquished Eedris stopped rapping.
Rugged ran the game alone; there was no contest, so he turned to the club and party.
The trybes men and their trybe cohorts impressed only to falter. Eldee and freestyle gave the impression of a show down, but abandoned it before it got anywhere. Ruggedman had no sparring partner.

Mode nine is in the building; African stand up! And give him elbow room. Nine’s sharp and witty lyrics got the industry talking. Starting from “its about to get ugly” you could tell he was made for battle.

Single after single, and two mix tapes, modey ripped tracks
and showed nothing but raw skill and hunger for battle. Tongues started wagging, journalists started writing, and ruggedman knew someone was breathing down his neck.
“Ruggedybaba” was seen as a subtle address to Mode nine. During media chats and celebrity hangouts, both rappers made veiled references to each others’ style. When Ruggedman’s full album dropped. Tracks like “watch me” and “to whom it may concern” were no doubt aimed even indirectly at Mode. Nine also jabbed back with tracks like “Toron Giwa”,”spectacular” and “not like you”. That’s what most cats think any way. The battle for superiority was brewing, for the first time in naija rap we had two real pugilists going for the crown, although they had only been shadow boxing so far.
When Mode nine dropped “Talking to you” sometime in 2008 the press jumped on it and scored it as a direct hit, I disagree. In his words he confirms this saying “talking to you… that track was a decoy”! But ruggedman had already responded with “banging”.. Mode nine came out smoking with Spartans and the delivered the death blow on “the paradigm shift album.
While we watch the battle unfold, other cats are out spiting fire.M I gave us a unique flavour, he is very lyrical. Terry the rap man has resurrected a career that was almost dead with a brilliantly delivered “The rapman begins” album. Rugged man’s name appeared on it. Even if it was in jest. OD is also out spitting fire, he too had thoughts on rugged. His album is one of the hardest core raps since Mode nine’s “Malcolm IX”.It seems the reign of Ruggedman is coming to an end, but never under rate the Baba.

To those cats out there screaming beef, they better shut up. The rap industry is getting lively and trading banter is part of the game. Beef is what you get when you kill a cow


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  1. tomaldo06 Says:

    nice one, an insight to naija hip hop

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