A new baby:3 kool

lt's a girl

lt's a girl

The anticipation of a new birth is worse than the birth it self. On Easter Monday, my sister Idy experienced this. The previous night, at about 8PM, pre- natal cramps got her all worked up like an electronic device on a storey building. As each pang hit her, she lashed out at Ekom, her sister, and BJ her husband. Pulling his non existent hair and punching. The nurses laughed at the show being put up by the trio. The stress reached crescendo at about 1.30AM, then did the real labour pang hit. She screamed as BJ roamed the ward as confused as a bat in bright light. When the actual nativity began all extras were ushered out of the delivery room.

Being a first timer, she didn’t find the pushing thing easy. After about 3 hours of pushing, there was no respite. The baby had made up its mind not to come out through that channel. Idy was exhausted! There ad to be another way out. “Get me the husband”, the doctor bellowed!

Amid tears BJ signed the papers authorizing a cesarean. There was tension in the air; the whole Udosen clan had assembled in the waiting area.

45 minutes later, a piercing cry broke the stillness in the air. BJ and the newest grand pa dashed into the ward to see for themselves. It’s a girl they announced. As the baby was carried from the theater to the ward a handful of family paparazzi were on hand to capture the baby’s first moments.


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