In the light of truth!

In the fast paced world we live in today, the truth is constantly being harassed and over shadowed by springs of erroneous, liberalist and free thinking ideas, opinions ,  philosophies and theories. The truth has now become a relative term depending on who expresses it and in what circumstance. Even we Christians who are supposed to beacons of truth are constantly in all spheres of life being washed away by tides of error and falsehood. The reason for this is a basic lack of knowledge, or to put it more appropriately the failure of Christians to apply their knowledge of scriptures and doctrine to their daily lives, which makes them powerless in the face of error and falsehood.

The bible says “you shall know the truth and it shall set you free”! Christ during his passion told Pilate “I came to bear witness to the truth”, Pilate asked then and the world asks today “what is the truth”?
As humans with our limited perspective ability (i.e. sight, hearing, speaking, sensing smelling) we will always be subject to the changing nature of our gross material environment. But when we move from the perspective to the intuitive ability (i.e. the spiritual realm or the real intellect) we can understand and relate with values that are unchangeable, remain the same for eternity and are not subject to development or modernization. Such then is the eternal and living truth, out of which the entire universe is made and supported.

The attributes of truth can only be found in the being of the Almighty Father, in whose image we are made, who is the source of all life, and who came down to earth in the form of man to live out the truth and continues to enlighten the world by the light of the holy spirit.(John 14:6). For this reason all those things thought out by mere human mind can never bear genuine life within them. They remain just theories and recognitions without the power of the living truth, no matter how popular and appealing they may seem. Christians who hold, believe and are guided by such ideologies cannot be said to be true believers and are as such not far from damnation. (Rev.21:7, 8).
This holy Easter season, Christ calls us to share in the glory of his resurrection by recognizing the truth in his living laws that upholds the entire creation, (Exodus 5:1-21) for all ages.

We, humans, endeavor in many ways to show that we know better and tend to introduce aberrations to these immutable laws of God to our own peril. How can we claim that there is truth or wisdom in insubordination to constituted authority, in conjugal relationships outside committed wedlock or even demanding forgiveness of sins when we have no intention to atone for our guilt and many other such discrepancies prevalent in the ‘modern’ society? We must be assured that these perfect laws representing the eternal truth can never be circumvented by our popular, individualistic and free thinking opinions.
In order to posses the truth, stand in it and become constantly surrounded by its pure light, we must spiritualize all our actions, never allowing populist, trivial, worldly opinion oppress our Christian knowledge. We must awaken our intuitive ability to acquire real knowledge that unites us with the divine. It is quite unfortunate that many of us have not paid serious attention to this superior faculty, let alone make conscious use of it. Yet without it the gates of heaven will be closed on us just as the foolish virgins. (Mat. 25:1-13).no matter how “spiritual” we may think we are.

To wrap up I say to you, that we should consciously readjust our lives in accordance to the truth of Christ as handed down to us by the apostles and as taught by the universal church. It would be of no use if we do not apply our knowledge of truth as contained in scripture, church doctrine and sound reason to our daily lives. If we live by the truth, life will be one glorious experience where fears shall be banished and the answer to questions on life will open for us. We shall then march forward boldly and confront life with calm confidence and gradually recognize the inconceivable love of God that surrounds us.



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