the crazy wife

Loud screams brought him back from dream world, not for the first time that night. Chief Akoropo was having a torrid time; his wife’s behavior had progressively gone weird over the last few months. She claimed to be in communion with a mysterious being, who constantly gave her strange instructions.

She had burnt all her vital documents on the instruction of the voice. She had given out all the wrappers in her shop. Several of her choice china plates were destroyed by her with great fervor. It all seemed like a new form of religious fetish to chief Akoropo, until he returned from work one day to meet most of their furniture outside.

Some relatives and neighbors were trying to restrain her; it looked like scene from a gladiator battle. She kept on insisting on following the orders of the voice, which no one seemed to hear. He joined the fray as his wife landed a right jab on a neighboring jaw! Chief was emotionally misled into thinking that his wife would relent when she saw him. Her balled fingers found its way to the space between his eyes; a red line appeared. He was stunned. Even Klitscho would have been impressed. He had to receive attention on the sidelines while the gladiators’ tried to tame the rampaging bull. It took the superior arsenal of the Nigerian Police to cage her.

The Police station was more torment for the officers on duty than Mrs. Akoropo that night. The DPO had to take her home personally at the light of dawn.

Chief had his hands full. After consultations with friends and relatives, it was generally agreed that she was possessed! Prophet Raja, a renowned deliverance minister was the solution. Mrs. Akoropo was taken to his church for fasting, prayers and deliverance. Four weeks later, chief took his disheveled, soggy and still acting crazy wife back home. It seemed Prophet Raja was not well equipped for this kind of warfare.

After four months and numerous crusades, prayer houses and prophets, Mrs. Akoropo was brought back home, bound and locked up in a room where she screamed, threatened and inflicted cuts on her self.

As chief sat up, weary and emotionally drained, his mind was a bottomless pit of thoughts. Another round of screaming from the next room brought him back to the moment. He was desperate to rid his wife of the demons that possessed her. Ubon, his ally, had promised to bring a doctor to see her; what could a doctor do, this was a clear case of spiritual attack.

He walked in with calculated strides, dark, sturdy and towering above all present. His optical enhancement nestled on his slender nose as if they were a package. Doctor Bassey, the resident Psychiatrist at the teaching hospital, glided into Mrs. Akoropo’s room, as the people gazed in lure. Thirty minutes and a shot of Clorazil to her later, he came out and said crisply “could you carry her to my car, please”. He then turned to chief Akoropo “you should have brought her to me earlier”. The peacefulness of Mrs. Akoropo as she was carried out left them perplexed.



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