my story of Injustice

I resumed work at The Cavendish school Ungwar Rimi, Kaduna on 10th September 2011. I was employed as the Administrative officer/facility manager. In the course of myself I developed cordial relationships with Pupils, staff, parents and management (Mr and Mrs Muhammad Aliyu). I worked diligently And to the best of my ability. My job description was not explicitly stated, I did whatever Mr and or Mrs Aliyu asked me to do. I was always punctual and was always d first at the gate every morning for welcome duty. In addition to administrative duties I taught ICT though it is not stated in my employment letter. My administrative duties included ensuring there was water in each class toilet,sanitary inspection, punctuality of students, uniform conformity, marking register and diary and miscellaneous activities as assigned by management.

I got admission for my M.ed in Ahmadu Bello university,Zaria sometime in March 2012. I duly informed management of my admission for the full time programme via a letter where I stated that “I hoped the programme won’t affect my work.”

All lectures didn’t commence on schedule cos of factors best known to the university. So I managed to combine work and school until the third week of may when academic activities hit full swing. A miss d several lectures just to meet up my work schedule.

On 30th May a test was fixed for one of my courses. I got the message on the 29th which is a public holiday (Democracy day) and I sent an SMS to Mrs Aliyu informing her that I won’t be at work the next day (30th). she replied on the morning of Wednesday 30th: “How can u go for a test without informing us way in advance. I do not approve.

I was on my way to Zaria when I got the Sms and I felt it she was not being fair. Later that day the school secretary called me to come and pick my suspension letter. She told me that the Chief Executive officer had given instructions that I shouldn’t be allowed into the School premises.

I went to pick the letter on Thursday 31st May and it read:

This is to inform you that you have been suspended from work Indefinitely without pay due to Unprofessional behavior. Your resumption will depend on the school management decision. You are expected to handover all property in your possession. ” It was signed by Kadijah Aliyu, the Executive Director.

Meanwhile May salaries were paid to all staff except me on the 31st of May on the grounds that I hadn’t submitted all I owed the school. On Friday 6th June I submitted my white board summaries,school Id card,T shirts and other documents to the school security guard and secretary.

Till this day I have not been paid my salary for May and my suspension has not been revoked. This is a Case of Injustice by the Management of the Cavendish school. I want all well meaning citizens to support my cause for justice.


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