Book review – Cloth Girl

This book chronicles life in per-independence Ghana through the activities of Colonial officers, native Ghanians and Britain trained natives. it is a mesh of romance, heart-break, politics, religion and clash of cultures.

it pictures the activities of England trained,Ghanian lawyer, Robert Bannerman, who is married to the exquisite Julie. apart from acquiring British education, he also acquires British tastes, notably horse racing. His licentious appetite leads him to marry a young and sexy local girl Matilda, who had other plans for her life. The forced marriage takes her life on a spiraling ride!

The activities of the St John house hold which circle from the fetish to the mundane shows the mentality of the native Ghanians and their idiosyncrasies.

Alan, a British staff of The Colonial office and his audacious wife Audrey are poles apart in settling to life in hot Africa. Alan tries his best, but Audrey spins of the edge and finally abandons him to return to London.

Cloth girl is well written prose that almost everyone can relate to. The theme of conflict runs through the story.

Audrey, Matilda and aunty Dede stand out as the most exciting characters.

Author – Marilyn Heward Mills

Publisher – Cassava Republic


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